Hello! I have GrapheneOS on my pixel 7, and yesterday I updated it to the latest version. Today, I tried setting a timer and… It didn’t work. I’m using simple clock from simple mobile tools. Using the stock clock does work flawlessly instead. Do any of you experience the same?

How to reproduce:

  • Install simple clock
  • open the app and create a new timer, let’s say 5 min, and start it
  • close the app
  • there is no notification showing “a timer is running”, and after 5 minutes no sound will be played
  • if instead of closing the app you just minimize it, then the notification is shown. After this, you can close the app and the notification will stay, working as expected

(I have it set as not optimized)

  • Ephera
    44 months ago

    You should mind that the Simple Mobile Tools are not maintained anymore. The lead dev sold the brand to some ad company: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/issues/3142

    A fork has been created under the name “Fossify”, but the clock app doesn’t seem ready yet: https://github.com/FossifyOrg/Clock

    So, you can continue to use the Simple Mobile Tools for now, they just won’t receive updates on F-Droid, but maybe you don’t need to invest the effort to fix them…

    • tubbaduOP
      34 months ago

      Yes, I’m waiting for the release of the fossify version as well, but I was surprised of this error suddenly appearing after the os update and was wondering if there was an easy workaround until the official release