Hello there! I’m currently using telegram FOSS from fdroid, and don’t have telegram premium. It’s okay to have limitations on animated emoji and such, that are limitations imposed by the server, but I really cannot tolerate limitations imposed by the client. I want to rearrange folders. It won’t make me do it without premium. Total bullshit. I want to hide the awful ads on channels. It won’t make me hide them without premium. Hateful. Is there a client that just removes all thos idiotic antifeatures from the official client?

  • tubbaduOP
    36 months ago

    Sometimes on channels arrives a message about usually crypto stuff completely unrelated to the channel, with an X button, and if you click it it says “pass to premium to remove”

    What do you mean by plan? I only want to rearrange the order of the folders, but the “all chats” folder cannot be moved (settings > folders > if you have other folders try moving one as the first one and see what happens)